Seashore Life

The shoreline of Charmouth and Lyme Regis is home to an amazing variety of plants and animals. Twice a day, the tides cause the level of the sea to rise and fall. This makes the seashore a tough place for these creatures to live and they are very well adapted to cope with the changing conditions. At low tide, rock pools are an excellent place to explore and come face to face with these fascinating creatures. When you visit the seashore always remember to follow the Seashore Code. If you would like to join the Centre's Marine Warden to discover the creatures of Broad Ledge (Lyme Regis) please see the information on our Rockpool Rambles.

Click on the thumbnail photos below to view larger and find out more about the local seashore animals.

Velvet swimming crab

Latin name - Necora puber  Size - Shell up to 8cm wide  Habitat - Lower shore under rocks and stones

The shell is covered in short hairs which creates a velvety appearance and gives this crab its name. Its back legs are flattened out like paddles, which make them better for swimming. Also known as the Devil crab, it has bright red eyes and a painful nip.